Limestone City feat. Kingston Penitentiary
August 24, 2021 | Kingston, ON

Enjoy a guided tour highlighting Kingston’s historic downtown and waterfront, as well as some of the city’s most well-known visitor destinations.  Visit Kingston Brewing Company for a pub-style lunch.  This is Ontario’s oldest brew pub and Canada’s oldest wine-producing pub.  Beers, wines, ciders and soda pops are made on the premises.  Go behind the walls of Canada’s oldest and most infamous maximum security prison.  The Kingston Penitentiary has housed some of Canada’s worst criminals over its 178 years and today it stands as a National Historic Site.  The award-winning Canada’s Penitentiary Museum is dedicated solely to the preservation and interpretation of the history of our federal penitentiaries.  It is located at the birthplace of the Correctional Service of Canada, housed within Cedarhedge, which once housed the wardens of Kingston Penitentiary.  Stroll the waterfront, take a breath of fresh air, browse the boutiques and experience Kingston’s limestone heritage. 

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