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Granby Zoo Weekend Getaway
August 10-11, 2019 | Granby, QC
Granby Zoo Weekend Getaway
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DAY 1:  AUGUST 10, 2019

Looking to take the family on a weekend getaway.  Look no further, this is everything you could hope for in two days!  The Granby Zoo is like no other….it’s a zoo, amusement park and waterpark all in one!  Walk along the zoo’s paths from which you can observe over 1,500 animals from about 225 exotic species.  Among these are elephants, giraffes, gorillas, tigers, red pandas, kangaroos, zebras, lions, and more!  For those who love dinosaurs you will not want to miss Dinozoo.  From the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex to the fascinating Triceratops, no less than 21 life-size dinosaurs will be presented along an outdoor trail.  The realistic look and animation of these dinosaurs will leave you astonished.  Thrills are guaranteed as they open their enormous jaws to expose their teeth, blink their eyes, move their arms, wag their powerful tail and roar at your presence!  Discover dozens of free activities at the Amusement Park including bumper cars, a carousel, Ferris wheel, small motorcycles, helicopters and so much more.  The more adventurous can jump into the Kimbunga pirogue or the Python Panic roller coaster (age and height restrictions apply for these).  Accommodations this evening will be just a short drive away at Hotel Castel & Spa Confort.

DAY 2:  AUGUST 11, 2019

This morning you will check out of the hotel for another fun-filled day at Granby Zoo.  Enjoy another opportunity to check out anything you may have missed.  If you haven’t got a chance to checkout the Amazoo Water Park or Amazonian Slides today is the perfect chance.  The whole family will enjoy a refreshing and extraordinary experience in a setting inspired by an Amazon village.  Palm trees, waves, beach…..there’s nothing like it!  Try some thrilling and family friendly water slides and enjoy a refreshing experience as you snake your way down the Adventure River with its fun interactive games.  This is truly an unforgettable fun-filled family getaway!  (B)

1: Double - $329.00
2: Triple - $290.00
3: Quad - $249.00
4: Single - $410.00
5: Child - $135.00
1: Transportation
2: Accommodations
3: 1 Breakfast
4: Admissions as Mentioned
5: Taxes and Services
1: *Child must be under 12 years and sharing with an adult.