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July 2018

If Youíre Planning Daytrips In Ontario, These Packing Tips Should Help

What To Pack For Daytrips In Ontario | Howard Travel

Daytrips in Ontario are a great respite, which is why they are so popular with people looking for an interesting break. It is important to travel light and travel smart on these outings though, and these tips from travel experts can make all the difference.

Baggage and Entertainment for Daytrips In Ontario

Choosing the right kind of bag for your daytrip in Ontario is important because something that can double as a day pack as well as hold your important stuff during transport makes life simpler. You can also opt for a day pack that rolls up, stuffs down and flattens or fits into a big pack because this allows you to use space wisely. As for entertainment, a camera is important, although smartphones increasingly perform this function with the same efficiency. A book always helps, while an e-reader like the Kindle can give you access to hundreds of books at once.

Food and Drink

Carrying your own soda, water or anything else you prefer is good because it means you won't have to spend on the way. Snacks are also a must because they can help you adjust in places where the meal schedules are at different times than you are used to.

Other Helpful Things

A lot of what you carry depends on specific needs, of course, like medication. You can't go wrong with some things though, like an umbrella for all kinds of weather, or a light jacket if you are spending a long day out and expect cool nights. Maps and brochures also help, because they are light but extremely useful. Tissues, lotions and sun protection or repellent also help, and you should also consider sunglasses and a hat.

If You’re Packing for Two

Packing for two on daytrips in Ontario means you can manage with one day pack between two people. Putting things in from the items mentioned on this list will help you feel more comfortable because you will be better prepared.

Great Daytrips in Ontario

Howard Travel is a family owned and operated full-service travel agency and motor coach operator that can help you with any daytrips in Ontario. We can also help with charters, bus tours and more, depending on your requirements. For more information, contact us today.

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Here Are A Few Things You Probably Didnít Know About How A Travel Agency Works

People usually have all kinds of misconceptions about how a travel agency works and what an agent does. Some assume an agency does nothing but look for tickets and book them, but there's a lot more going on behind the scenes that can make a huge difference to your next holiday.

A Travel Agency Saves You Money

When you work with a travel agency, you get all-inclusive prices that include commissions, which means you pay in most cases even if you don't go via an agency. Airlines don't pay commissions, but most hotels, cruises, sightseeing tours, and rental cars do, which can affect your budget drastically.

A Travel Agency Focuses on Experiences

A good travel agent is never pushy because the emphasis will always be on a happy client and a great holiday experience. You get great recommendations based on specific needs and requests, as well as inside information that gives you more value for your vacation money.

A Travel Agency Can Get You Deals

It is a myth that a travel agency cannot match online prices, because they can. If you find a better deal, the chances of being set up for a scam are also higher. Another thing to keep in mind is travel agents have rates that you don’t because an agency is always privy to special flight prices, hotel, and cruise cabin rates that aren’t available online.

A Travel Agency Saves Time and Hassles

You don't have to spend hours planning a holiday that involves millions of decisions when a travel agency is available, because they know how to plan a complicated itinerary with ease. They also understand the fine print, which means you don't lose time or money on rules and regulations. In this way, they also protect you while you are on vacation.

A Travel Agency has Experts

When you choose a reputed travel agency, you get access to contacts, specialized expertise and a whole lot of first-hand experience and knowledge that can make all the difference between a mediocre holiday and a great one.

Need A Great Travel Agency?

If you’re planning your next holiday and need first class service or all-inclusive travel packages, Howard Travel is a family owned and operated full-service travel agency and motor coach operator in Brockville. Contact usus for advice or recommendations today

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Why Travelers Still Use a Travel Agency in 2018

In planning your travel for the coming months, it’s important that you consult with experts about the available destination options. Our team at Howard Travel has great experience in the travel planning industry, and within our latest post, we’ll explain more about why travelers still use a travel agency for their bookings in 2018.

They’re traveling to a different continent

When you’re simply booking a hotel across Canada, you might not have many concerns about the trip. But traveling around the world can be a different experience. You might want to know more about the local culture and customs, and about the general safety of the region. Many travelers use a travel agency because the agency team specialize in bookings. They know which hotels in Malaysia offer the best quality of service, and which cities to visit for the new, inexperienced foreign traveler.

They are looking to save money

In many cases, if you’re traveling to a new country you can fall victim to potential scams which could cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Those that work in a travel agency know about the local issues in specific countries and cities and can detail the problems you might face if you travel to a specific part of the world. They can give you tips about keeping your money safe and about how to use your resources most effectively for the ideal experience as you travel.

They have a complex trip planned

Oftentimes traveling through different countries can complicate your trip. You might have plans to stay in one part of Europe and then make your way through other countries as you travel. This means working with different units of currency, different languages, and unique social and legal customs. Working with a travel agency can help you to ensure that your complex trip is planned effectively.

Our trusted team at Howard Travel has decades of experience helping travelers plan their bookings across the globe. To discover more about our firm and our experience, call us today!

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How to Pack for 2-to-3 Day Trips in Ontario

Ontario offers a number of beautiful locations in which to spend a day or two when you have free time from work. The province is known for its spectacular sights, surroundings, and history. But with your trip all planned, it’s now time to consider how to effectively pack for the journey. Our team at Howard Travel has great experience in this area and within this latest post, we’ll present a few tips for packing for 2-to-3-day trips in Ontario.

Try not to be weighed down

First, consider the absolute essentials for your day trips in Ontario. This means any medications that you take should be the first item to take into consideration. Make sure medications are easily accessible regardless of your means of transportation. Another consideration is any documentation you’ll need. For example, if you’re going over to the U.S. for the weekend you must bring your passport and any other form of identification you might need. Pack the essentials first and then move on to other travel items.

Keep toiletries and other liquids separate

We’ve all had a travel experience in which our toiletries have leaked onto clothing and other packed items. Make sure you separate any liquids when you pack to avoid having to clean your clothes when you arrive at your destination. If possible, bring a plastic bag filled with toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo and other toiletries so that any leaks can be easily contained.

Consider the weather forecast

Take a look at the weather forecast for the few days ahead at your destination. It might be the peak of the summer season, but our weather in Ontario can change rapidly. You may notice a steep dip in temperature or a potential storm at your destination. Pack according to the potential weather and then you won’t be uncomfortable should your environment change suddenly.

Always keep electronics in the same place

When packing, make sure you have a dedicated space for your electronics and electronics accessories such as phone chargers and laptop batteries. These items should be kept away from liquids and in a location where they won’t be easily moved during travel.

Our team at Howard Travel offers a number of organized 2-3 day trips in Ontario for you to experience this year! For example, why not consider our Circle Lake Ontario - Casino Express tour, which takes you to several casino destinations across Ontario and New York State. Or there’s our Lavender and Wine tour, which allows you to explore natural surroundings of Brantford and Brant, with a guide to the area’s renowned role in Canadian art history.

To discover more about Howard Travel and our trip options, call us today!

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Howard Travel is Proud to Support Big Brothers Big Sisters at Brockville Ribfest

Brockville Ribfest logo

Howard Travel is Proud to Support Big Brothers Big Sisters at Brockville Ribfest August 9th - 12th, 2018. 

Join us for the Howard Travel Rib Eating Contest Friday August 10th at 6pm.

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