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January 2020

Why Should You Book Your Next Trip with a Brockville Travel Agency?

Travel is more accessible than ever with endless options for flights, accommodations, tours, and car rental websites all over the internet. With the temptation of booking travel plans online, many people in Brockville have forgotten the many benefits of using a travel agency.

The agents at Brockville’s Howard Travel have explained some of the key benefits of using a travel agent to assist you in planning your next adventure.

Five Benefits of Using a Travel Agency

  • Avoid Time-Consuming Research

Even with seemingly convenient price-comparison websites, customers often find inconsistencies between search engines, making it difficult to commit to a flight or hotel price before doing extensive research. Customers also find differences in prices as they adjust their departure and return dates, leading to hours of date comparison before booking a trip. Brockville travel agents have the tools and experience to do all of the research for you and find the best prices, dates and highest quality for your needs.

  • Save Money with an Agent

Many people believe they are saving money by booking a trip on their own. In reality, travel agents are more often than not, able to use their connections to airlines and hotels to get you a better rate.

  • Rely on Professional Experience

Brockville travel agents pride themselves on creating the ultimate travel experience for their customers. From comfortable accommodations to convenient flight times and high-quality tours, travel agencies will organize the trip of your dreams, guided by your preferences and limitations.

  • Ensure Your Trip is Protected

Booking online can be dangerous, and customers often lose flights or hotel deposits due to ridiculous website policies. By booking your trip through a travel agent, you can relax and allow them to handle all of the details, as you are protected by the Travel Industry Act, which states that you are entitled to a full refund on your trip if a problem occurs.

  • Keep Your Itinerary Simple

Booking each component of your trip with a different website, or even booking a complete tour can lead to endless promotional emails and trip suggestions. These details can be overwhelming. Using a Brockville travel agency is the perfect way to create a no-nonsense itinerary to follow along during your trip.

You can count on the experienced travel agents at Brockville’s Howard Travel to create an experience that you will never forget. Call us today at 613-342-4791 to book your dream vacation!

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4 Extended Ontario Bus Tours You Don’t Want to Miss in 2020

A new decade is upon us and there has never been a better time for new experiences and incredible Canadian adventures. With the help of Howard Travel, you can experience Ontario like never before with the exciting extended bus tours that our team has cooked up for 2020.

Below we have broken down the details of our four most highly anticipated extended Ontario bus tours for 2020.

4 Extended Bus Tours Across Ontario

  1. Experience Toronto Theatre in April

This April, our passengers will enjoy a comfortable bus ride to Toronto, where they will settle into highly rated accommodations complete with luggage handling and breakfast. During this exciting weekend getaway, theatre lovers will be immersed in some of this year’s best shows with reserved Orchestra seats. This year’s line-up includes the hilarious, heart-warming performance of The Boy Friend and the world-famous political saga of Hamilton. With packages starting at $675, this bus tour boasts great value and lifelong memories.

  1. Celebrate Mother’s Day in Niagara Falls

On May 10th, our fleet travels to Niagara Falls for a 4-day tour of the famous Clifton Hill, the mesmerizing falls, and other exciting points of interest en route to Niagara. Guests will stay in central accommodations where they can access great shopping, restaurants, and casinos surrounding Clifton Hill. From chocolate factories to conservatories and vineyards, passengers will get the complete experience of the beautiful Niagara region with this package starting at just $490.

  1. See Prince Edward County in June

In June, we look forward to taking passengers on a bus tour to Ontario’s peaceful, pastoral setting of Prince Edward County. On our two-day excursion, passengers will be treated to the rustic specialty shops, local art, natural beauty and relaxation in this charming community. With visits to some of the regions  famous wineries, Quinte’s most popular country store, as well as the iconic Lavender Farm, this is the perfect summer trip starting at just $359.

  1. Be Amazed by Toronto’s Animal Life in August

During a two-day bus tour to the lively city of Toronto, Ontario, passengers will enjoy a visit to the famous Ripley’s Aquarium and the Toronto Zoo. During this fascinating trip, guests will be exposed to over 20,000 exotic animals with opportunities to partake in adventure activities such as zip-lining and rope courses. This tour includes excellent East-Toronto accommodations for a starting price of $240.

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