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February 2020

Why a Cruise is the Best Option for Your Next Family Holiday

Planning a holiday that family members of all ages and backgrounds will enjoy can be a major challenge. From booking accommodation that will allow the whole family to stay together, to searching for a mode of transportation that will be comfortable for elderly members of the family, the entire process can become extremely overwhelming. At Howard Travel, we offer a wide range of renowned cruises, which are sure to accommodate all of your family’s needs.

Our team has provided a few reasons why you should opt for a cruise for your next family holiday.

Why You Should Take a Cruise This Year

  • A break from hosting

The holidays are a wonderful time to gather with your loved ones and enjoy family dinners, music, baking, and other festivities. Unfortunately, this means that one person is often responsible for hosting a large group of people, preparing all the food, and keeping everyone entertained. With a cruise, the entire family can skip the stress of hosting and enjoy professionally organized entertainment, food, and activities all in one place.

  • Celebrate multiple holidays

Families of multiple faiths can find it difficult to find time for various celebrations. On a vacation like our 7-day Florida and Bahamas cruise, families can enjoy an extended period of time together, where they can plan numerous celebrations that include all religious beliefs.

  • Extra company for small families

With a  cruise, even the smallest families will not miss out on the fun of celebrating the holidays with a big community. While all-inclusive vacations are another great option for stress-free family trips, a cruise ship allows endless opportunities for families to make friends and participate in activities with fellow passengers.

  • Great for children of all ages

While many vacation packages are targeted towards families with young children, Howard Travel offers several exciting options like the Alaskan Inside Passage & Glacier Bay cruise, which are great for adults. Conversely, families with young kids can find options like our Southern Caribbean cruise, where parents can relax and enjoy the sun with their little ones.

  • Avoid flying

The larger the family, the more likely it is that someone is afraid of flying. Additionally, elderly family members may find it difficult sitting on a plane for a long period. With no-fly cruise options, Brockville families can enjoy transportation to the port with our comfortable coach buses.

Contact Howard travel to book your family holiday with us today!

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5 Benefits of Travelling by Coach Bus for Daytrips in Ontario

Are you planning a daytrip to one of Ontario’s great travel destinations or to an out-of-province event? In recent years, travellers have rediscovered the benefits of travelling via coach bus. Whether you’re planning a major shopping trip in Ottawa or you have tickets to a Blue Jays game in Toronto, a Howard Travel coach bus is the best way to get there.

Here we have listed the top five advantages of booking a coach bus for your next Ontario daytrip.

Some Reasons to Travel by Bus

  1. Save money

If you are attending a highly anticipated event like an Ottawa Senators game or the Toronto Sportsmen's Show, the price of parking is likely to be through the roof; not to mention the price of gas travelling there. Taking a coach bus is by far the least expensive option for long-haul travel. Not only are bus tickets typically less expensive than train tickets, but a coach bus will stop directly in front of your destination, meaning you will not have to spend money on public transportation or taxis once you disembark from the coach.

  1. Environmentally-friendly travel

One of the most effective ways to ‘go green’ is to change the way you travel. By taking a coach bus for your next daytrip in Ontario, you can avoid burning excess fuel by travelling with a large group in one of our comfortable vehicles.

  1. Explore Ontario by land

Travelling by coach bus is a great way to view the natural beauty and charming towns in Ontario. Where trains are restricted to a single track and car travel normally consists of driving on the highway for hours on end, bus services often take passengers through the countryside, before arriving in quaint areas like Ontario’s Mill town.

  1. A relaxing form of travel

Travelling can be stressful, especially when you are worried about arriving at an event on time and searching for nearby parking. Coach bus passengers can simply sit back, relax, and focus on planning the perfect itinerary for the day. Coach buses are also one of the safest forms of transportation, which means that passengers can be confident that they will arrive at their destination with no issues.

  1. Comfort

Our fleet features air conditioning and spacious seating for your comfort. Whether you are travelling for the whole day or just a few hours, our coaches will ensure that you are comfortable throughout your entire journey.

Contact us today for more information about this year’s daytrips in Ontario!

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