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Temporarily Closed to keep everyone safe

To protect our clients and staff

During uncertain times it is important to be vigilant and take proper safety precautions. It is with heavy hearts the we, Howard Travel, announce we will be closing until further notice. We know that uncertainty and self-isolation can be difficult however it is important to remain positive. We will get through this together. In the meantime, we will be available to serve you by telephone 613-342-4791 or by emailing us at Stay safe and healthy

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5 Benefits of Travelling by Coach Bus for Daytrips in Ontario

Are you planning a daytrip to one of Ontario’s great travel destinations or to an out-of-province event? In recent years, travellers have rediscovered the benefits of travelling via coach bus. Whether you’re planning a major shopping trip in Ottawa or you have tickets to a Blue Jays game in Toronto, a Howard Travel coach bus is the best way to get there.

Here we have listed the top five advantages of booking a coach bus for your next Ontario daytrip.

Some Reasons to Travel by Bus

  1. Save money

If you are attending a highly anticipated event like an Ottawa Senators game or the Toronto Sportsmen's Show, the price of parking is likely to be through the roof; not to mention the price of gas travelling there. Taking a coach bus is by far the least expensive option for long-haul travel. Not only are bus tickets typically less expensive than train tickets, but a coach bus will stop directly in front of your destination, meaning you will not have to spend money on public transportation or taxis once you disembark from the coach.

  1. Environmentally-friendly travel

One of the most effective ways to ‘go green’ is to change the way you travel. By taking a coach bus for your next daytrip in Ontario, you can avoid burning excess fuel by travelling with a large group in one of our comfortable vehicles.

  1. Explore Ontario by land

Travelling by coach bus is a great way to view the natural beauty and charming towns in Ontario. Where trains are restricted to a single track and car travel normally consists of driving on the highway for hours on end, bus services often take passengers through the countryside, before arriving in quaint areas like Ontario’s Mill town.

  1. A relaxing form of travel

Travelling can be stressful, especially when you are worried about arriving at an event on time and searching for nearby parking. Coach bus passengers can simply sit back, relax, and focus on planning the perfect itinerary for the day. Coach buses are also one of the safest forms of transportation, which means that passengers can be confident that they will arrive at their destination with no issues.

  1. Comfort

Our fleet features air conditioning and spacious seating for your comfort. Whether you are travelling for the whole day or just a few hours, our coaches will ensure that you are comfortable throughout your entire journey.

Contact us today for more information about this year’s daytrips in Ontario!

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Why Should You Book Your Next Trip with a Brockville Travel Agency?

Travel is more accessible than ever with endless options for flights, accommodations, tours, and car rental websites all over the internet. With the temptation of booking travel plans online, many people in Brockville have forgotten the many benefits of using a travel agency.

The agents at Brockville’s Howard Travel have explained some of the key benefits of using a travel agent to assist you in planning your next adventure.

Five Benefits of Using a Travel Agency

  • Avoid Time-Consuming Research

Even with seemingly convenient price-comparison websites, customers often find inconsistencies between search engines, making it difficult to commit to a flight or hotel price before doing extensive research. Customers also find differences in prices as they adjust their departure and return dates, leading to hours of date comparison before booking a trip. Brockville travel agents have the tools and experience to do all of the research for you and find the best prices, dates and highest quality for your needs.

  • Save Money with an Agent

Many people believe they are saving money by booking a trip on their own. In reality, travel agents are more often than not, able to use their connections to airlines and hotels to get you a better rate.

  • Rely on Professional Experience

Brockville travel agents pride themselves on creating the ultimate travel experience for their customers. From comfortable accommodations to convenient flight times and high-quality tours, travel agencies will organize the trip of your dreams, guided by your preferences and limitations.

  • Ensure Your Trip is Protected

Booking online can be dangerous, and customers often lose flights or hotel deposits due to ridiculous website policies. By booking your trip through a travel agent, you can relax and allow them to handle all of the details, as you are protected by the Travel Industry Act, which states that you are entitled to a full refund on your trip if a problem occurs.

  • Keep Your Itinerary Simple

Booking each component of your trip with a different website, or even booking a complete tour can lead to endless promotional emails and trip suggestions. These details can be overwhelming. Using a Brockville travel agency is the perfect way to create a no-nonsense itinerary to follow along during your trip.

You can count on the experienced travel agents at Brockville’s Howard Travel to create an experience that you will never forget. Call us today at 613-342-4791 to book your dream vacation!

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4 Extended Ontario Bus Tours You Don’t Want to Miss in 2020

A new decade is upon us and there has never been a better time for new experiences and incredible Canadian adventures. With the help of Howard Travel, you can experience Ontario like never before with the exciting extended bus tours that our team has cooked up for 2020.

Below we have broken down the details of our four most highly anticipated extended Ontario bus tours for 2020.

4 Extended Bus Tours Across Ontario

  1. Experience Toronto Theatre in April

This April, our passengers will enjoy a comfortable bus ride to Toronto, where they will settle into highly rated accommodations complete with luggage handling and breakfast. During this exciting weekend getaway, theatre lovers will be immersed in some of this year’s best shows with reserved Orchestra seats. This year’s line-up includes the hilarious, heart-warming performance of The Boy Friend and the world-famous political saga of Hamilton. With packages starting at $675, this bus tour boasts great value and lifelong memories.

  1. Celebrate Mother’s Day in Niagara Falls

On May 10th, our fleet travels to Niagara Falls for a 4-day tour of the famous Clifton Hill, the mesmerizing falls, and other exciting points of interest en route to Niagara. Guests will stay in central accommodations where they can access great shopping, restaurants, and casinos surrounding Clifton Hill. From chocolate factories to conservatories and vineyards, passengers will get the complete experience of the beautiful Niagara region with this package starting at just $490.

  1. See Prince Edward County in June

In June, we look forward to taking passengers on a bus tour to Ontario’s peaceful, pastoral setting of Prince Edward County. On our two-day excursion, passengers will be treated to the rustic specialty shops, local art, natural beauty and relaxation in this charming community. With visits to some of the regions  famous wineries, Quinte’s most popular country store, as well as the iconic Lavender Farm, this is the perfect summer trip starting at just $359.

  1. Be Amazed by Toronto’s Animal Life in August

During a two-day bus tour to the lively city of Toronto, Ontario, passengers will enjoy a visit to the famous Ripley’s Aquarium and the Toronto Zoo. During this fascinating trip, guests will be exposed to over 20,000 exotic animals with opportunities to partake in adventure activities such as zip-lining and rope courses. This tour includes excellent East-Toronto accommodations for a starting price of $240.

Contact Our Howard Travel Team Today!

Call us today at 613-342-4791 to book your dream Ontario bus tour!

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Why Everyone Should Take a Real Winter Vacation Once in a While

For those who’ve lived in Canada long enough, winter can be a tough time of year. Although the holidays can brighten up some of the colder months, sticking around during the entire winter season might be a bit of a drag, especially if the weather is extreme. That’s why many opt for investing in an all-inclusive vacation to get away for a while. 

However, if you’re not convinced that taking a real winter vacation this year will do you some good, Howard Travel has collected some of the most enticing benefits for you below. 

There are Health Benefits 

One of the leading reasons to take a real winter vacation is that there can be a host of health benefits involved. Not only will you be able to beat the winter slump many people fall into during the colder season, but you can also get out and get some exercise. Many of today’s leading winter vacation locales will offer you a wide range of outdoor activities and amenities to take advantage of. 

For example, Howard Travel’s trip to the Sunscape Puerto Plata All-Inclusive Resort in the Dominican Republic offers travelers easy beach access, as well as an 18-hole golf course and full exercise facility. 

Reconnect with Nature

During the Canadian winter, sometimes one can go a little stir crazy and feel like they’re stuck inside all the time. Although there are still festivals and fun things to take advantage of during winter, these can be easily thwarted by inclement weather. But taking a real winter vacation will enable you and your family to reconnect with nature, providing rare opportunities for exploring in a sunnier, more comfortable outdoor locale. 

Beat the Crowds & Save Some Money 

Traveling during the holidays and winter can help you beat the crowds. This is because, in most places, wintertime is considered the offseason, meaning fewer tourists and additional opportunities for savings. Many hotels and travel agencies offer discounts and enticing tour packages to drum up more business during the winter months. 

Book your Winter Escape with Howard Travel in Brockville, a TICO-registered Travel Agency!

Have the above facts convinced you you’re better off in a sunnier locale this winter? If so, Howard Travel would love to hear from you. To learn more about our all-inclusive Brockville tour packages, contact us online or call 1 (800) 267-4432.

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Organized Bus Tours from Brockville, Ontario, This Holiday Season

Are you itching for a vacation this holiday season? Ontario residents are turning to extended bus tours as an easy and organized way to explore beautiful nearby regions and get in the holiday spirit at this time of the year.

The holidays can be a busy time for planning, cooking, and gathering with loved ones. If you are in need of a little getaway before the holiday chaos ensues, Howard Travel is offering a range of fun and festive bus tours across Ontario and beyond, helping Canadians kick off the holiday season with a great trip.

Kickback in Music City

Have you always wanted to visit the city that’s always rocking? This five-day bus tour takes ticket holders to Nashville, Tennessee with overnight stops to rest and recharge in beautiful Ohio along the way. With this tour departing in early November, you will see the holiday decorations begin to go up across this festive city at this time of the year, as well as the seasonal tunes and holiday spirit that Nashville boasts.

On this tour, you will be treated to comfortable accommodations, breakfasts, and transportation to the local tourist attractions during your stay in Nashville, all included in the ticket price. With this bus tour, you will have all the tools you need for a great trip to this lively musical hub.

Enjoy Atlantic City

Beginning in late November, this five-day excursion to Atlantic City will feature plenty of exciting options for entertainment including shopping, casinos and a Christmas show included in your ticket price. You could never be bored in this lively city, especially during the holiday season.

Whether you are heading to this fantastic city to indulge in the games, or to finish your holiday shopping in one of the greatest shopping meccas in the world; Atlantic City has something for you. Take the hassle out of planning a vacation at this busy time of the year and enjoy our organized tour including meal and slot vouchers, transportation, and accommodations.

Book Your Next Bus Tour with Us

Are you looking to design your own bus tour, complete with unique stops and activities? Our team of travel experts can help you organize a bus tour beginning in Eastern Ontario, that will fit all of your travel needs. Call us today at   613-342-4791  to start planning your Ontario bus tour with us!

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This Fall’s Best Organized Day Trips from Brockville, Ontario

When the crisp air and colourful leaves begin to set in during the fall, it’s no wonder why residents become inspired to explore the beautiful cities and towns across Ontario. There is no better way to fit an adventure into your busy schedule than to explore the Ontario day trips offered in your region.

For those who do not have much vacation time, but are craving an adventure this fall; our travel team at Howard Travel have broken down a few of our exciting day trips beginning in Brockville, Ontario this fall.

Leisa Way's Rock 'N' Roll is Here to Stay: October 19th

Are you a theatre fanatic? Ontario day trips like this will keep you entertained all day long. Way-to-Go Productions has curated a lively event featuring music by some of the greatest rock and roll artists such as Buddy Holly and The Beatles. Event-goers can enjoy transportation to and from the venue in Morrisburg, Ontario, as well as a delicious buffet lunch to refuel after all the singing and dancing they’re sure to partake in!

For more information and pricing, click here to view the event listing on our website.

Akwesasne Mohawk Casino: October 23rd

For some, nothing says fun like a day trip to a casino. Like many of our day trips in Ontario, this excursion will take event-goers over the border to lively Hogansburg, NY. Try your luck at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino with the vouchers included in this package, and don’t worry about a ride as we have arranged all of the transportation to be included in the ticket price.

For more information and pricing, click here to view the event listing on our website.

Buffalo Bills vs. Philadelphia Eagles: October 27th

This sporting day trip will take football lovers in Ontario across the border for the game of a lifetime. Our event coordinators have created the perfect football package, complete with everything you need to enjoy the game, including transportation, tailgate gear, snacks, and drink tickets. If you are a sports lover, this event will be the highlight of your year.

For more information and pricing, click here to view the event listing on our website.

Howard Travel Is Here to Plan Your Perfect Day Trip in Ontario

At Howard Travel, we recognize the value in a well-organized trip, complete with all the vouchers and little essentials that will make it a day to remember. To view more of the exciting trips we have to offer, call us today at (613) 342-4791!

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The Advantages of Our No Fly Cruises

Are you considering doing something a little different for this year’s family vacation? Perhaps you simply want to get away from it all for a while and relax. Either way, a Noflycruise with Howard Travel could be the ideal getaway for you. Whether you plan on bringing along the whole family or taking some “you time,” there are a host of advantages to booking a cruise for your next vacation.

Below, the team from Howard Travel discusses some of these benefits in more detail and highlights a few of our most popular No Fly or limited flight  cruises.

Why Take a Cruise Instead of Other Travel Alternatives?

One of the biggest benefits of taking a cruise from Canada over some of the other travel alternatives, like driving or flying, is that it’s incredibly convenient. There aren’t many other ways you can visit multiple countries and travel destinations while only having to unpack your bags once. Cruise ships also offer a lot of activities, making them great for more active travelers or those with children.

Additionally, traveling on cruise ships can be much safer and offer added oversight when it comes to accommodations, as well as activities on and off the ship. For example, any of the amenities (rock walls, swimming pools, waterslides, etc.) are closely monitored and should there be an accident, each ship has an infirmary and resident doctor on board.

Howard Travel’s “No-Fly” Florida & Bahama Cruise

Want to have some fun in the sun without the hassle of going to the airport? With the “No Fly” Florida & Bahamas Cruise from Howard Travel, we make it easy to relax. Board the beautiful Norwegian Bliss cruise ship and travel from New York to Florida and the Bahamas on this seven-day cruise. Destination highlights include the world-famous Kennedy Space Center, Great Stirrup Cay, Nassau, and a host of private beaches in the Bahamas, just to name a few.

11-Day Southern Caribbean Cruise

Although travelers on this cruise will have to hop on a plane one way, this trip is worth it once you find out everything you’ll be seeing along the way. Howard Travel’s 11-Day Southern Caribbean Cruise includes stops in the Grand Cayman Islands, Aruba, St. Lucia, Bonaire, and more. You’ll also have a few days at sea to enjoy the many amenities available on the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship.

Don’t miss out, book your No Fly cruise with Howard Travel today!

Spots on all our no fly cruises fill up quickly, so contact us today to book your place on one of our all-inclusive cruises. Call Howard Travel at (613) 342-4791 or fill out our online contact form.


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Our All-Inclusive Vacation Package to the Dominican Republic

Are you thinking of getting away for a while to thaw out a bit this winter? Well, the team from Howard Travel knows how chilly and uninviting those Canadian winters can be, which is why they’re pleased to offer their all-inclusive vacation packages to sunnier locales, like the Dominican Republic. This year, travelers can join them on a journey to one of the area’s most pristine resorts in Puerta Plata, from Feb. 14-21.

Here’s a bit more information about what you can expect on this once-in-a-lifetime trip to one of the world’s leading vacation destinations.

Why Choose Puerto Plata for Your All-Inclusive Vacation Package

Are you wondering what’s so great about Puerto Plata compared to other vacation destinations? Well, firstly, it’s situated along one of the Dominican Republic’s most breathtaking beaches, Playa Dorada. Literally meaning “Golden Beach,” this locale offers visitors an exquisite vista of golden sands and clear blue water they’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Another great highlight of Playa Dorada is that it’s home to some of the world’s most unique flora and fauna, with a range of active coral reefs that make it ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. Additionally, this beach is private, meaning only those with exclusive access can enjoy its pleasures.

Staying at the Sunscape Puerto Plata Resort

There are a host of benefits to staying in the Sunscape Puerto Plata Resort. In addition to easy access to the private beach, visitors are also located just a stone’s throw away from the area’s major airport, making traveling a breeze. The resort also faces the Atlantic Ocean, providing guests an amazing view from nearly every one of its 585 rooms. For those who want to take advantage of its many amenities, the resort boasts a range of bars and restaurants, as well as an 18-hole golf course. The best part is that everything is included, so you can take all your meals a la carte while you watch the sun set.

Traveling with Howard Travel

When you invest in one of Howard Travel’s all-inclusive vacation packages, their team handles everything. You’ll receive first-class transportation to and from Montreal’s International Airport and roundtrip, non-stop airfare directly to Puerto Plata. Travelers will also be able to take advantage of private transfers to and from the airport when traveling from point A to point B. Those with any questions during their stay will be happy to know that there’s always a Howard Travel representative standing by to help.

Book your all-inclusive vacation package with Howard Travel today!

Spots are filling up fast for our All-Inclusive Trip to Puerto Plata, so reserve yours today by calling (613) 342-4791. You can also visit Howard Travel online and fill out their online contact form. Sun and fun await you, so don’t hesitate to contact their team. 

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Cruise Hawaii with Canada’s Howard Travel

Are you tired of battling the snow and ice every morning simply to get the car started or go fetch the paper? Making it through those Canadian winters each year can be tough, especially the older you get. Why not give yourself a break from the deep freeze by traveling to the Hawaiian Islands this December.

Howard Travel, one of Canada’s best cruise and travel agencies, is offering a once-in-a-lifetime tour around Honolulu and the Hawaiian Islands from Dec. 3-19, 2019. Let’s look at some of this cruise’s leading highlights.

Day 1

Before embarking upon your cruise from Canada to Hawaii with Howard Travel, you’ll first hop on a shuttle and travel to the Montreal Airport. From there, it’s only a short flight to Los Angeles, where you’ll have the evening to see the sights and the sounds of the city. Be sure to get some rest as the following day will be a busy one.

Days 2-6

After a good night’s sleep, visitors will take a tour of the city before heading to its famous port to set sail on the breathtaking and fully equipped Star Princess cruise ship. As one of the world’s leading grand-class cruise ships, it boasts such amenities as a first-class restaurant, shops, swimming pools and Jacuzzis, and much more. This makes it easy to relax while at sea awaiting your first stop in Hilo, Hawaii.

Days 7-10

During this time, you’ll visit some of the world’s most beautiful tropical islands, including Honolulu, Kauai, and Maui. Stop at some of the most pristine beaches and island getaways, all the while enjoying some of the world’s most unique food and cultural offerings.

Days 11-17

After leaving lovely Hawaii, you’ll again spend the next several days at sea until reaching another highlight of the tour: Ensenada, Mexico. As part of Mexico’s Baja California province, it boasts pristine beaches and if you’re lucky you might even catch a glimpse of the migrating gray whales that visit on occasion. After a day in Ensenada, you’ll return to LAX where you’ll fly home to Canada with a happy heart and a head full of memories.

Book your Hawaiian cruise with Canada’s Howard Travel today!

If the details above have sparked your interest, call the team from Howard Travel today at 1 (800) 267-4432. You can also contact us online for a complete list of our exclusive tour packages and day trips.

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Our Fall Getaways in Ontario: St. Jacob’s & the Muskokas

The team from Howard Travel understands that many want to get their last little bit of travel time in before the big freeze of the Canadian winter, which is why we’re proud to offer several Ontario vacation packages for the fall. You’ll be able to get a taste of the Canadian countryside on our exclusive tours of St. Jacob’s and the Muskokas.

Below you’ll find some trip highlights that are sure to get you excited about your fall vacation.

St. Jacob’s & the Ontario Countryside

Located along the Conestoga River, St. Jacob’s is a quaint little town with a lot of personality. Set in the Waterloo region of Southern Ontario, the town boasts a lot to do, such as a local farmer’s market to visit, plenty of restaurants and historic landmarks, and an outlet mall. On your trip you’ll be staying just a stone’s throw outside of town at the Homewood Suites by Hilton St. Jacob’s.

On day two of your trip, you’ll embark upon a guided tour of the area’s tranquil country roads before hitting the town for a few hours of shopping and exploring. The small shopping district is well-known throughout Ontario for producing a variety of homemade arts and crafts, as well as clothing, home decor, jewelry, accessories, toys, gifts, food, and more. On day three, say goodbye to St. Jacob’s with a visit to their famous farmer’s market, boasting some of the area’s freshest food. Pack a few items to bring home with you and make a once-in-a-lifetime meal.

The Muskokas

On this four-day trip to the Muskokas, visitors will be able to experience the beauty of the seasons as the rolling hills are set on fire by the changing leaves. Day 1 will find you in the heart of cottage country, traveling to the Pinestone Resort, where amenities include a spa, golf course, restaurant, and lounge. Nestled in the Haliburton Highlands, the area boasts an enormous amount of lakes and wildlife, which you’ll explore on your second day on a tour of the Wolf Centre at Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve.

One Day 3 of your Ontario fall vacation in the Muskokas, you’ll board the Lady Muskokas for a nearly three-hour boat tour of some of Ontario’s most breathtaking sights and landmarks. In addition to all the wildlife you’ll see along the way, you’ll also pass by famous Millionaires Row. The rest of the afternoon is free so you can relax and prepare for the trip home the following day.

Book your fall Ontario tour before it’s too late!

Spots are filling up fast for Howard’s Travel’s fall Ontario vacations, so book your slot today by calling 1 (800) 267-4432 or contacting us online.

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Our All-Inclusive Vacations to Puerto Plata - February 2020

Howard Travel has more than 60 years' experience putting together amazing all-inclusive vacations for Brockville residents and one of our best trips yet is right around the corner!  We're proud to announce that we're now taking reservations for a week-long trip to the amazing and beautiful Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.  

The trip will be from February 14-21, 2020 - so now is the time to make your reservations and prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Experience Puerto Plata With Howard Travel

Puerto Plata is a beautiful stretch on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, loved by tourists around the world for its beaches and other natural attractions.  We'll be putting you up in the Sunscape Puerto Plata, a stunning 585-room resort that's only about 20 minutes from the airport.  You'll have views of the Atlantic Ocean and plenty to do without even leaving the resort!  It features nine restaurants, seven bars, and an 18-hole golf course.

You could spend your week at the resort and never get bored.

But then, you'd probably be missing out, because the Dominican Republic is gorgeous, filled with culture and history.  There are far too many attractions to list, but some of the most popular destinations include:

  • Fortaleza San Felipe:  This historic Spanish fort was constructed on the main bay in the 1560s, very early in the Colonial period.  It served in numerous battles over the centuries and is now a military museum full of fascinating artifacts.  Today, it's the only piece of original 16th Century construction left in the area.
  • Cristo Redentor:  You don't need to travel to Rio to see Christ The Redeemer.  This replica was constructed on top of Mount Isabel de Torres and is every bit as spectacular as the original.  Plus, the cable car up the mountain offers truly stunning views of the surrounding lands.
  • Charcos de Damajagua:  Also known as the 27 Waterfalls, this is one of the most spectacular natural water features you're likely to find anywhere in the world.  It's a bit of an adventure -and a hike- to get there, but it's almost certainly the most awesome thing you'll do during your time in Puerto Plata!

That's not to speak of the food, the shopping, the people, the music, and all the other amazing local culture.  Your trip to Puerto Plata will be one you'll remember for the rest of your life.

Howard Travel Offers the Best in All-Inclusive Vacations

We put in the hard work, so you don't have to. Howard Travel arranges everything on your behalf including airfare, ground transportation, and even paying your local tourist duties.  But don't forget your passport!  We also provide a representative who knows the area well and can help you arrange most activities.

Why pass up this amazing opportunity?  Contact us today to reserve your own Puerto Plato all-inclusive vacation in February 2020.

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