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Amazing August Vacations from Brockville’s Leading Travel Agency

For families, August is a great time to take a quick vacation!  After all, the kids still have a few weeks before school starts up again and, chances are, they're getting a bit restless.  You can get them out of the house (and maybe even off their smartphones) by taking an affordable vacation from your local Brockville travel agency and have a great time too!

Here are just a few of the August vacation packages Howard Travel has lined up that would be perfect for a quick family vacation or a private little getaway for two.

Granby Zoo Tour - August 10-11

How can you spend an entire weekend just at a zoo?  It's easy when it's Quebec's world-famous Granby Zoo - because it's a zoo, amusement park, and water park all in one!  They have over 1,500 animals - from 225 species - in their massive zoological park.  There's also a full dinosaur exhibit and kids always love dinosaurs.

However, you could also spend time with classic carnival games and rides at their full amusement park or chill out in their "Amazoo" water park with a full selection of thrilling water attractions.  There's truly something at the Granby Zoo for everyone - and a full weekend is only barely enough time to take it all in.

Prince Edward Island Tour - August 22-31

Want to get away from it all?  We're proud to offer a massive 10-day extended trip to beautiful Prince Edward Island.  PEI is one of the most impressive island experiences in all of Canada.  The beaches are beautiful, the seafood is unbelievable, and the golfing is among the best in the world.

You get a spacious room equipped with a kitchenette and, largely, your time is your own.  From coastal drives to the Celtic performing arts troupe, PEI is full of beauty and culture.  It's the perfect antidote to the hectic pace of city life.

Howard Travel Is Your Family-Owned Brockville Travel Agency

We've been a beloved Brockville travel agency since 1955, with a sterling reputation for putting together amazing and affordable vacation packages.  We make things as easy as possible for you, handling all the details so you can just kick back and relax.

If you're interested in any of these August vacations, contact us online or call us today at 1 (800) 267-4432 - reservations are filling up!

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Discover Our Upcoming Day Trips in Ontario

Howard Travel is your guide to the captivating sights and day trips across Ontario. You can take in a show or watch the game. You can explore the Ontario waterways or settle in for a night of entertainment at local casinos. We’ll take care of everything. You can settle in and enjoy your day.

Let’s Look at Our Latest Day Trips in Ontario

  • July 6 – Lion King at the Princess of Wales Theater, Toronto - $195.00

Winner of six Tony Awards, The Lion King is being brought back to Toronto for only a short time. It’s the ideal opportunity to take in a show featuring stunning award-winning choreography. Broadway's most recognized soundtrack and inspiring story is brought to life in exceptional detail before your eyes. You'll have reserved seats at the 2 pm showing, July 6, 2019.

  • July 7 – Cirque Du Soleil Crystal at Leon’s Centre, Kingston - $125.00

This show is the first acrobatic performance on ice for Cirque Du Soleil. As with all Cirque Du Soleil performances, the event promises to be more of an experience than a simple show. Gliding across a frozen playground, Cirque's performers display their full range of speed and agility to captivate you amaze in equal measure. Reality is suspended. Visual performance is taken to a new level and imagination is untethered. This is a rare opportunity for all ages to experience the wonder and transformative power of Cirque Du Soleil. You'll have reserved seats for the 1:30 pm show on July 7.

  • July 16 – Sleeman Beer Tasting Dinner Cruise - Kingston - $120

Take in the beautiful sights of the Thousand Islands with our Sleeman Beer Tasting Dinner Cruise. Our glass-topped Island Star vessel will take you through the local waterways and reveal the intricate natural wonders surrounding us. While on board, you’ll enjoy a sampling of Sleeman’s beers and a delicious fresh meal. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the summer with Howard Travel.

Book your Ontario day trip now and make lasting memories

Our team at Howard Travel is here to help you discover the wonders of Ontario. Whether you’re hoping to enjoy a world-class theatrical performance or simply set sail on a dinner cruise for the evening, we can offer the perfect experience.

We're here to answer any questions you have about our Ontario day trips. Ready to confirm your booking? Contact our team for more information and booking.

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Book Your Toronto Trips with Our Brockville Travel Agency

Access world-class sports, captivating theatre, and memorable entertainment in the city of Toronto with our Howard Travel team. We offer affordable trips for the entire family, making us your go-to Brockville travel agency.  Considering a trip to the city? Take a look at our latest options.

Your Trusted Brockville Travel Agency for Toronto Day Trips

  • Toronto Blue Jays vs. Baltimore Orioles – July 7, 2019 - $135.00

We’re offering a comfortable bus trip directly to your reserved seat at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. This upcoming game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore Orioles is the perfect opportunity to see your favourite baseball players live and in a packed stadium.

You’ll have premium seating in the 109 section at the Rogers Centre. Book with our Brockville travel agency now and get ready for game day!

  • Lion King – July 6, 2019 - $195.00

Who can forget the captivating music behind the Lion King? Now is your chance to experience the thrill of the live performance at the Princess of Wales Theatre in downtown Toronto. We’re offering a full day-trip experience, including comfortable transportation ready for your 2:00 pm showing on July 6. This is the perfect show to introduce young audiences to the theater.

With the show’s dazzling visuals, inspiring themes, and memorable soundtrack, you’ll enjoy an extraordinary trip to the city when you book our upcoming trip. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Memorable Trips for the Entire Family

What makes Howard Travel the top Brockville travel agency for organized day trips? Our experience and our commitment to each client. When you book through Howard Travel, we can offer comfortable transportation and next-level service.

Clients book with us because:

  • We offer great savings on day trips

When you book through us, you’ll save on the cost of your transportation and event tickets. You’ll enjoy a memorable experience at a great rate.

  • We have expertise in trip planning

Each element of your trip is planned with care. We consider traffic, route options, and stop requirements to make your journey with us comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Our team is service-focused

We’re here to help you enjoy your ideal trip. This means we can answer each of your questions and provide you the support you need to enjoy your trip experience.

Enjoy Howard Travel Today!

Are you ready to book and start enjoying the summer? Contact our team today to learn more about our trips and travel options. Book now!



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Fun Fall Ontario, Canada Vacations with Howard Travel

Are you getting excited to take in that fall foliage or strike out on a new adventure? If so, then Howard Travel has some exciting Ontario vacation options for you, including their New England & Canada Cruise, as well as their trip to Ontario’s Amazing Muskokas.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the highlights you’ll see along the way.

New England & Canada Cruise

This exciting adventure through the United States and Canada begins in the historic city of Boston, Massachusetts. On the first day, begin your journey towards Boston on the beautiful Norwegian Gem. Upon your arrival in the Port of Boston, you’ll then embark upon a fun and informative three-hour tour, taking in the sights and sounds of historic Boston Harbour and the surrounding area.

Then it’s back aboard your all-inclusive cruise ship as you make stops along the coast of New England and Canada for the next several days. Major port stops include Maine’s Bar Harbour, then Halifax, Sydney and other Canadian port towns, ending on the La Baie, Quebec’s breathtaking town along the Saguenay River. Spend a day in Quebec City before beginning your journey home.

The New England & Canada Cruise, from Oct. 3-11, 2019, is expected to fill up fast, so be sure to reserve your place well in advance.

Ontario’s Amazing Muskokas

Travel to the heart of Ontario’s Muskokas with the team from Howard Travel Oct. 7-10, 2019. You’ll begin your all-inclusive Ontario Vacation traveling through cottage country in the heart of the Muskoka region, arriving at the Pinestone Resort where you’ll spend the next three days. In addition to all of the amenities at the resort, which include a spa, indoor pool, and fitness center, you’ll have exclusive access to the more than 600 lakes in the region, making it ideal for water enthusiasts.

More adventurous travelers might choose to go boating, canoeing, kayaking, fishing or hiking in. You can also look forward to stops along the way at some of the area’s popular landmarks and the Wolf Centre at Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve. On your final day, you’ll board the Lady Muskokas for a 2-hour and 45-minute cruise through the heart of the lake country.

Book your next Ontario Vacation with Howard Travel

Our fall vacations fill up fast, so contact us today to speak with the friendly staff from Howard Travel about our Canada & North America Cruise and Amazing Muskokas Tour. You can also visit us online for more details.

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Visit PEI: A Scenic Vacation Without Ever Crossing the Border!

Traveling internationally can be exciting, but it can also be more planning than some people might care to do for a vacation. Although the team from Howard Travel makes those international trips a breeze by taking care of all the accommodations and travel arrangements, sometimes exploring what’s in the backyard can be just as fun. When you travel inside the country, you’ll also be benefiting the local economy.

If you’re considering taking a trip through Canada this year, why not discover Prince Edward Island (PEI)? Here you’ll find everything you need to know about visiting one of Canada’s most beautiful maritime provinces in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Visiting PEI with Howard Travel

There’s a lot to see when it comes to PEI, which is why Howard Travel has put together an itinerary steeped full of exciting sights and destinations. On your 10-day journey, visitors will get to see firsthand what makes PEI such an unforgettable destination. You’ll be able to sample some of the freshest seafood in the world and visit the area’s most breathtaking beaches.

Stops along the route include the Canadian Potato Museum, The College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada, and more. There will even be time to enjoy the area at your leisure with a coastal drive or visit to one of the area’s many historic lighthouses.

Let Us Take Care of Everything

One of the leading advantages of traveling with Howard Travel is that every aspect of your Canadian vacation in PEI will be managed by our knowledgeable staff. This means everything from accommodations to luggage handling will be arranged beforehand to ensure a smooth and seamless journey. Meals will also be included as well as transportation to some of the island’s most exciting attractions.

Howard Travel has become one of the leading travel agencies in Brockville by offering all-inclusive trips to some of the best Canadian vacation destinations to be found in Ontario and abroad. To learn more about our Discover Prince Edward Island Tour and other trips, contact us today. You can also visit our website for a complete list of travel excursions.

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High-Octane Day Trips in Ontario

Are you thinking of getting out one of these weekends but aren’t entirely sure what to do yet? Perhaps you want to try something different? Whether you’re looking for something completely new or simply a new twist on a familiar experience, one of the performance-based day trips in Ontario offered by Howard Travel will make a great weekend adventure. Their outings cater to a variety of different interests, making it easy to find a day trip that’s fun for you or the whole family.

Here’s a quick peek at some of Howard Travel’s upcoming trips:

Come from Away

June 29, 2019 | Toronto, ON

Get a taste of the sights and sounds of Broadway with the original new musical Come from Away, about a remote town in Newfoundland with a host of unusual characters and an exciting story to tell. Come from Away is the new musical that took Toronto by storm, about what it means to be Canadian and the camaraderie and generosity of those living at the “edge of the world.”

Lion King

July 6, 2019 | Toronto, ON

See for yourself what makes The Lion King one of the world’s number one musicals. As the winner of six Tony Awards, this musical has inspired thousands of audience members the world over, bringing together one of the most imaginative and creative teams on Broadway. Set amidst a backdrop of visually-stunning sets, the amazing choreography, and award-winning music is truly a marvel to behold.

Cirque du Soleil - Crystal

July 7, 2019 | Kingston, ON

For a truly breathtaking and historic experience, an Ontario day trip to see Cirque du Soleil – Crystal surely won’t disappoint. As one of the first acrobatic shows on ice, this event will defy all of your greatest expectations. World-class acrobats and ice skaters will perform exhilarating stunts, all amidst an exciting backdrop of visual projections, popular music, and a story of self-discovery and imagination.

Book your Ontario day trip with Howard Travel today!

Do the Ontario day trips above seem right up your alley? If so, reserve your spot today as these trips fill up fast. Contact Howard Travel to make your reservation or visit the website to learn more about their extended trips and weekend outings.

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Why Book Your All-Inclusive Vacation Now?

Are you counting the days until your next vacation? If you’re marking the calendar until summer, there’s no reason not to book your tour package now, while there are still affordable spots with Howard Travel. The experts at Howard Travel know that signing up for an all-inclusive vacation is an investment - that’s why it makes sense to plan ahead.

Below you’ll find a few of the reasons why booking early and trusting Howard Travel with your vacation plans can pay off in the future.

Great Summer Travel Deals

One of the foremost reasons we recommend booking now? Howard Travel is currently offering some fantastic summer travel deals for those interested in an all-inclusive vacation. This includes tours like their Puerto Plata trip to the Dominican Republic, which offers a range of poolside attractions along with the chance to soak up some sun at an exclusive Caribbean location.

Affordable Pricing for Summer Cruises

Embarking upon a cruise might seem like quite an investment up front until you find out what you’re getting. With Howard Travel, for as little as $4,000 per couple, you can experience the Hawaiian Islands like never before on their exclusive Hawaiian Islands Cruise. This all-inclusive vacation is underway from December 3-19, exploring some of the most breathtaking and secluded Hawaiian Islands; it also stops in Los Angeles and Mexico.

For those considering booking the Hawaiian Islands Cruise, call Howard Travel ASAP as spots are running out!

Experience & Expertise

Last but certainly not least, one of the top reasons to book a trip with Howard Travel today is their wealth of expertise and experience. As one of Brockville and the Greater Ontario area’s leading travel agencies, they take care of every detail, choosing the highest-rated resorts and ensuring the experience of a lifetime for every trip. They’ve helped thousands of clients have an unforgettable, all-inclusive vacation.

Book your all-inclusive trip today!

Spots are limited, so if you’re considering taking a cruise or another trip this year or next, be sure to contact Howard Travel and learn more about making a reservation. You can also visit their website to find out additional info about Howard Travel day trips and weekend getaways.

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Discover our Latest Mother’s Day Trip

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so it’s important to consider your Mother’s Day gift options. Our team at Howard Travel takes the time to build one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day trips to help you celebrate. Our recently created option offers a memorable trip for your beloved Mom with a host of sights to see, so let’s explore our Niagara Falls Mother’s Day Getaway.

Day 1

The first day of the trip you’ll be welcomed to your accommodations at the Clifton Hill Inn, which offers convenient access to all Niagara Falls has to offer. All Niagara Falls restaurants and entertainment venues are within walking distance and Casino Niagara is just steps away. Whether your mothers a hiker or wants to spend some time at the slot machines, there’s no shortage of things to do your first day.

Day 2

On Day 2, you’ll enjoy a three-hour tour of the Niagara Region over the Niagara River Parkway and throughout the city. We’ll stop at scenic points in the area so you can get an up-close view of what makes Niagara so special for tourists from across the globe. A visit to the Floral Showcase Greenhouse is included within the cost of your trip and we’ll also make stops at The Falls, the Floral Clock, and the Whirlpool. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy a feature presentation on “Niagara: Miracles, Myths, and Magic” at the Niagara Imax Theater. The remainder of the day will be yours to enjoy as you please, taking in the sights and surroundings of Niagara Falls.

Day 3

On Day 3, your local tour guide will conduct a 6-hour tour of Niagara and take you on a visit to Niagara on the Lake, home to the historic Shaw Festival. The tour also includes a visit to several local wineries, in addition to the Welland Shipping Canal.

Day 4

On Day 4, you’ll visit the Butterfly Conservatory, located on the Niagara Falls Botanical Gardens Grounds. Here, you’ll be able to see over 2,000 butterflies comprising 45 different species in a spectacular environment.

Since 1955, Howard Travel has been helping residents travel around the globe, providing affordable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Committed to providing first-class travel and accommodations every step of the way, their friendly staff is always ready to ensure your needs are met. Our coming Mother’s Day Trip is sure to be one to remember, so book your place or learn more by contacting us today!

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A Summer Weekend Getaway to Prince Edward County

There are many world-class destinations throughout Ontario to discover on a weekend getaway with your loved ones. Booking a summer trip across the province is made even simpler by planning with a trusted travel company. Our team at Howard Travel is now presenting a number of weekend getaway options across Ontario.

Today, we’re highlighting our latest weekend trip to Prince Edward County.

Day 1

Explore all that Prince Edward County has to offer, beginning on Day 1 with a trip to the Black River Cheese Company. You’ll then continue to the County Cider Company and then visit the Waupoos Estate Winery, where you’ll sample wines from the first winery in Prince Edward County. Your accommodations for the event will be at the Picton Harbour Inn, located at the heart of Prince Edward County and close to many eateries and wineries. On Day 1, you will also have the chance to visit the gardens at The Waring House, which have a restorative effect and blend unique colours with one-of-a-kind flora and fauna.

Day 2

On Day 2, you’ll check out of your hotel and travel to nearby Bloomfield, where you can join friends and loved ones at local pubs, restaurants, and cafes. Here you’ll find many eateries offering homemade delicacies and delicious local wines at wineries such as Huff Estates Winery. Bloomfield is also known for its graceful homes and historic architecture. Visitors will enjoy every minute of this small-town experience. On our journey home, we’ll spend some time with the team at the Prince Edward County Lavender Farm, and then get a taste of the country lifestyle in Belleville.

You don’t have to look too far to find world-class cuisine, historic architecture, and captivating scenery. Ontario is home to some of the best weekend getaway options found anywhere across the globe. Our team is committed to providing you an unparalleled tour experience when you visit Ontario with us. Since 1955, Howard Travel has been helping residents travel around the globe, providing affordable, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Committed to providing first-class travel and accommodations every step of the way, their friendly staff is always ready to ensure your needs are met.

Howard Travel

We plan each element of our trips in meticulous detail and can offer affordable options for all visitors. To learn more about our Prince Edward County getaway, and other summer trip offers, contacting us today!

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Visiting NYC with Your Brockville Travel Agency

If you’ve never been to New York City before or it’s been decades since you’ve visited, you might be wondering just what sights to see and where to visit. For this reason, many choose to take away the guesswork by hiring a reliable Brockville travel agency. At Howard Travel, we’ve provided hundreds of travelers with memorable experiences by offering a convenient and unbeatable travel experience.

Here we’ve highlighted some of the things guests can expect on our New York City Tour, from May 18-20, 2019.

Day 1

On your first day in New York City, you’ll check into the Four Points by Sheraton Midtown in Times Square, in the heart of the city. Visitors will then have a chance to lose themselves in the sights and sounds of one of North America’s busiest cities. There are a host of landmarks to visit, such as the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty. New York City also boasts no shortage of art and cultural options, in addition to a vast variety of gastronomic fare and shopping boutiques.

Day 2

Getting some insight from a local always makes for a great experience, so on day two, visitors will begin with a guided three-hour morning tour of the city. You’ll visit some of its most striking landmarks, such as Chinatown, Grand Central Terminal, the Brooklyn Bridge, the South Street Seaport, and more. Your guide will share insightful stories about the city and offer deep insight into its cultural and political history. For the rest of the afternoon, you’ll be off exploring on your own. You might choose to eat or shop, or visit one of the city’s more historic neighborhoods.

Day 3

You’ll have your breakfast and bid your goodbyes to the Big Apple on the morning of day three. Before departing mid-morning for your trip home, you might choose to pass by one of the city’s landmark cafes for a quick cup of coffee or simply relax and finish packing. Don’t worry if you feel like you haven’t seen everything there is to see in NYC, you can always come back next year.

Visit NYC with Your Brockville Travel Agency

If you’re ready for a New York City adventure, the team from Howard Travel would love to hear from you. Contact us today to book your tour or visit our website for information about our vacation packages.

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An All-Inclusive Vacation Package to Historic Quebec City

Canada’s historic Quebec City, nestled along the Saint Lawrence River, is considered by many one of the country’s most beautiful destinations. The rich history of old Quebec, coupled with its natural beauty has made the area one of North America’s most popular travel locales. As one of the leading Brockville travel agencies, Howard Travel has helped hundreds of travelers experience the beauty of Quebec City.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the landmarks you’ll see on our all-inclusive vacation package to Quebec City from May 26-29, 2019.

Day 1

For the next three nights, you’ll be staying at the luxurious Hotel Le Concorde, located in the heart of the city. Nestled amidst beautiful cobblestone streets and old stone buildings, you’ll feel right at home. Hotel Le Concorde is within walking distance of many of the city’s shops and attractions. With a host of museums and restaurants to visit, all with the beautiful backdrop of the Saint Lawrence River in the distance, Quebec City is quite a marvel to behold. Visitors who enjoy walking and hiking will appreciate its wealth of parks and green spaces.

Day 2

Get ready for one of the most memorable railway rides of your life. One the second day, visitors will embark up the Train de Charlevoix along the Saint Lawrence River. You see breathtaking views and mountain scenery on your trip from Chute-Montmorency to Baie-Saint-Paul. You’ll then be able to enjoy the quaint and scenic atmosphere of Baie-Saint-Paul, home to many of the nation’s leading artists and craftsmen.

Day 3

Today you’ll start the day by visiting one of Canada’s largest waterfalls, Montmorency Falls, then make your way to historic Marie’s Breadoven. Don’t forget to ask for a sample. Visitors will then take a trip to the Shrine of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre, where for more than three centuries, people have been gathering to pay their respects. During the afternoon, you’ll embark upon an exclusive, three-hour tour that includes local landmarks such as the Place Royal, Cape Diamond, and more.

Day 4

They say all good things must come to an end, including your four-day tour of beautiful Quebec City. Say goodbye to the historic buildings and pick up some last minute gifts from the Galeries de la Capitale before heading home in the early afternoon.

Travel to Quebec City with our all-inclusive vacation package

Above are just a few of the highlights from our all-inclusive vacation package. To learn more about our travel packages, you can contact our staff today.

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Cruising the Hawaiian Islands with Howard Travel

Have you finally decided to take the plunge and visit the Hawaiian Islands? If so, you might be wondering what destinations you’ll visit. Taking a cruise is a great way to take in the beautiful volcanic islands and the crystal-clear Pacific Ocean, while also still having time to relax and unwind.

Below, Howard Travel has collected some of the top destinations and experiences travelers will have on their Hawaiian Island Cruise, from Dec. 3-19, 2019.

A Brief Stop in L.A. Before Heading to Sea

Before boarding the magnificent Star Princess cruise ship, visitors will first have a brief layover in the “City of Angels.” Howard Travel handles all the transportation to Montreal Airport so you can be relaxed and ready to go when you arrive in L.A. The next morning you’ll enjoy a 3-Hour tour of the city before setting out to sea and sailing towards the Aloha State.

Volcanic Islands & Adventures

After spending a few days at sea and taking advantage of the host of amenities offered by the Star Princess, you’ll dock in Hilo, Hawaii, also known as the “Big Island.” With its breathtaking Rainbow Falls and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, as well as numerous nature reserves, there’s no shortage of sights to see. Then it’s on to Honolulu, where cruise members will have a chance to absorb some of the culture of the state’s capital, known for its nightlife and shopping.

Maui & Mexico

On the last leg of your extended tour of the Hawaiian Islands, the Star Princess will pass through Maui, which boasts the state’s highest peak and spectacular pools and waterfalls of Ohe’o Gulch. There are also 30 miles of pristine beaches and coves, sheltered by the island’s lava-rock jetties. Then it’s out to sea again until cruise-goers arrive in Ensenada, Mexico, where they’ll have a day to spend as they see fit before traveling to Los Angeles for their flight back to Canada.

Visit the Hawaiian Islands on an all-inclusive cruise with Howard Travel

If the above highlights have gotten you excited for a visit to the Hawaiian Islands, contact Howard Travel today to learn more about their tour packages. You can also visit their website for more information about their services.

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