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Ten Packing Tips to make your Vacation easier



#1 Start with a packing list

It will help you prepare and reduce the chance you'll forget something important

#2 Roll don't fold

Tightly rolled clothing takes up less space then folded clothes

#3 Understand your baggage allowances

Whether travelling by plane or by bus there are usually restrictions on weight etc...

#4 Understand the guidelines for carry-on luggage

Whether flying or travelling by motor coach there are restrictions and rules to abide by to avoid delay and extra stress

#5 Carry on Luggage tips

Make sure to keep all important documents, jewelry, and electronics with you- a backpack is always a good option

#6 Laundry options

Check options for laundry facilities which may allow for lighter packing

#7 Multipurpose/ Mix & Match

Make sure to pack wisely with mix and match outfits, and dual purpose items such as pants that zip off into shorts etc...

#8 Dress in Layers

While travelling it is good to dress in layers- which can easily be removed through temperature changes for your comfort

#9 Keep Essential Items with you

Do not place any essential items in your main baggage that will be inaccessible or vulnerable during travel

#10 Vacuum seal packing bags

Use vacuum seal packs to compress clothing to take up less space and seal in freshness.

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